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  • 3D conversion for Samsung 3D ready TV

    Hi guys

    ive just started to use the free download to convert movies on MP4 files to 3D (with the intention of buying the full version should this prove to be what I'm looking for). I decided to try this software after watching a clip on YouTube whereby the author (silently with some captions) shows you how to do this. However, I keep getting 'this file is currently not supported' when trying to then play these on my Samsung 3D ready TV after conversion.

    The movies are playing on VLC and KMPlayer showing the SBS as selected on my PC.

    I am a novice at this and not really technically savvy with all the jargons.

    Why is this happening? Are there any other in depth tutorials available? Or a clear step-by-step guide by way of reading? Or can someone instruct me on how to convert teaching me 'what and why' needs to be done

    i get the impression that I should have MediaInfo information ready so that I select the correct options when going through edit and advanced settings. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here.

    Any help will will be greatly appreciated.

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    Check with Samsung support and see what their requirements are (or the owners manual). If the files play on other devices, there is probably just some small setting you can change in DVDFab to make them acceptable to the TV. The following would be helpful: MediaInfo scan of both the the Source and converted files and the DVDFab internal log session from the conversion. These should all be attached to a new post following the steps linked in my sig, below.

    Do the original MP4s play on the TV?
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