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    In DVDFab 10 Converter, by using 'Customise' within the Aspect Ratio dropdown menu, I can get rid of any black bars on the top, bottom and sides. I know that this distorts the picture, but I quickly get used to it, and that annoys me far less than the black bars.

    With DVDFab 11, at the moment there only seems to be the pre-set menu with no option to customise. Will this feature be added in the future?

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    Yes, it should be restored in an upcoming release, please watch for it in the changelog.
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      Although there is now a 'Customize' option, there is still no way to remove, or at least minimise the black bars on the top, bottom and the two sides as there was with V10 Converter using the slider bar. I use this function quite a lot, so I have to revert back to V.10 to do this. I usually use Converter to change the files to TS format, as MKV won't play on my TV or Humax recorder and V11 is a LOT slower in the conversion than V10.