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  • Virtual Drive V Drives Unmounting

    Hi all

    I'm having an issue with Virtual Drive.

    Basicly I've mounted several virtual drives with iso's of full blu ray films and then queued them up to be shrunk down to 25gb in dvdfab (latest)

    As soon as dvdfab starts to reencode a stream file, the disk unmounts and dissaperes from windows, which causes dvdfab to error out.

    Virtual Drive still lists the disks as mounted, but they no longer appear in windows.

    I can mount and process One disk at a time without issue, but as soon as i mount and try to process more than 1 disk the above happens.

    I've updated to the latest version of VDrive with no effect on the issue.

    I'm running windows 7 home 64bit, CUDA and all accelerators are turned off.

    Anyone had or can shed some light on this issue?

    If you need more info / logs ect let me know.

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    Do not use Virtual Drive with DVDFab, it is not necessary (DVDFab will load an ISO file as a Source without it). You can just drag and drop the ISOs to DVDFab's window and it will place them in the task queue.
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      Virtual Drive

      Ah.. was not aware dvdfab could do that.
      That will save a lot of time and hassle.

      Thank You Very much.