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  • DVDFAB Copy Freeze

    This is the second time now I've come across this error.

    First was when I tried to do a full disc copy of Back to the Future II, DVDFAB would always freeze on 30%
    Now Machine gun preacher is doing the same thing on 44% ?????

    Please help my get around this bug, I've tried disabling Turbo CPU recommended from other forums and didn't make a difference.

    Windows 10 Enterprise
    16gb DDR4 RAM
    256 M2 SSD

    Running latest version of DVDFAB v10.0.51

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    ok more info to the madness here:

    I managed to update my firmware on my bluray driver and that seemed to increase speed a little.
    I also ran anydvd to see if it could copy the disc, and surprisingly it did. Straight after I ran another test on DVDFab 10.0.51 and it worked!?
    Not sure if it's because I closed google chrome, but for some reason it does work on the disc. SO I know for a fact that the disc is fine and not dirty.....

    Running latest Windows 10 Enterprise:


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      Hi OmniOMEGA,
      It is impossible to help you without access to the DVDFab internal log when you have problems like this. Instruction for supplying it are linked in my sig, below.
      Supplying DVDFab Logs in the Forum ...........................User Manual PDF for DVDFab v11................................ Guide: Using Images in Posts


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        ok here is the internal log
        Attached Files


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          Here's what I see: 0m 16.20s: SourceSize: 23266 MB
          0m 16.20s: RemoveHDAudio: 0
          0m 16.21s: OutputSize: 46100 MB
          What does windows say is source size?
          Being you want a uncompressed copy try clone mode see if that will work you can clone to hard drive first to see if it works if yes then burn to disk staff may need some files from the store brought disk after they look at this to fix it.