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    Help Us Help You

    If you are posting about an operational problem with one of the DVDFab products, you will improve the speed and accuracy of the response by providing some information in the very first post that will probably be needed.

    First, make note of any error codes or messages that appear in popup boxes and put them in your post. Information on error codes that appear in the DVDFab UI are captured in one of the logs we request below.

    DVDFab keeps logs of its activities that supply basic system information and can help pinpoint where and when an error happened and help pinpoint the cause. The default location for these logs on most Windows systems is:

    C:\Documents and Settings\your username\My Documents\DVDFab\Log

    The logs are simple text files that can be opened with Windows Notepad. If the size exceeds the forum’s attachment size limit, you may need to delete older entries or copy and paste the relevant ones into a new file.

    dvdfab_burn_vso.log Attach for all problems. The entries are time stamped with the most recent at the top.

    dvdfab_burn_imgburn.log Attach if you have ImgBurn set as the burning engine and the problem concerns disc burning. Time stamped with the most recent at the bottom.

    dvdfab_process.log Attach if DVDFab crashes and the crash report window does not come up or complete correctly or if internal error codes appear in the DVDFab window (“Task Failed…”). Time stamped, most recent at the bottom.

    dvdfab_internal.log Attach for all problems. Time stamped, most recent at the bottom. Please edit to include only the most recent or relevant log session.

    Other Information:

    Depending on the nature of the problem, it can help to know:
    If this happens with all discs or just one
    Your operating system/CPU/memory configuration
    If you are using external hard drives or optical drives
    If you have made any recent changes to your OS or system hardware
    If you have other DVD or BD software installed, particularly if recently added.

    Posts with all the requested information will be answered first.
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