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    General Policies

    First, please read the Forum Rules here, and the “Help Us Help You” thread that appears in each forum. These policies supplement the forum rules.

    This is the Official DVDFab Support Forum, owned and operated by Fengtao Software, Inc. and manned both by company staff and volunteers. The goal of the Forum is to provide support for DVDFab products and a community where users can share ideas and solutions. As such it is not the place for discussing other products or comparing them, favorably or otherwise, to DVDFab. Such posts will be heavily moderated. For more information on this policy, click here.

    Posts and Threads

    This Forum is structured to provide locations where topics of interest can be found quickly and easily. Please make posts or start threads in the correct forum. Threads may be moved to provide the best chance of a quick response.

    Threads that concern a specific problem require give and take between the original poster and those that are trying to supply a solution. No one “owns” a thread and all contributions are welcome if they are relevant to the problem that is being discussed. If you have the exact same problem, it may be relevant; if you have a similar problem, it probably is not. Posts that interfere with the “give and take” or make a thread hard to follow will be moved or deleted.

    Use the forum search tool to see if your problem has already been solved before starting a new thread. The Advanced Search option will allow searches by user, keyword and date range and will show results as posts or threads at your choice.

    Please don’t “highjack” an existing thread by posting a new problem or question. Start your own thread using the New Thread button, they are free! Highjack posts will be moved or deleted.

    Unresponsive or off-topic posts are unwelcome in any thread and are subject to deletion.

    The forum Moderators are charged with seeing that the Forum meets the goals stated above. If you feel that you have been “mis-moderated”, use the PM system to contact another Moderator or Administrator.
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