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  • Blu-ray Which error is correct

    First, I hope this is in the right form. I just tried to make a backup of Valerian 3D. It went through the process, but at the end when making the ISO it came up with a "error master - file size." This is from two different drives. When I clicked ok on the error it says that it was "successful" in creating the ISO. My question is which is correct. The "error master" or the "successful." The system does not crash. Thanks for all the help.

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    Hi beric, please attach the DVDFab internal log session generated when you processed the Valerian 3D disc.
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      Here goes! I had to send it through the feedback. - Then the light came on. Attached now. Thanks for the help.
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        Just replaced my DVD recorder (5 years old) with one that is last years. Same problem - just an update for you.


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          2018.07.09-17:01:36: reading not aligned for 00001.m2ts, base 7424 current 7424 read 229 end 1
          2018.07.09-17:01:36: reading not aligned for 00001.m2ts, base 7424 current 7653 read 768 start 2
          The developers are working on this problem, please kindly wait for update. Thank you.
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