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  • Deadpool (DVD) not supported

    I just updated to the latest version of DVDFab and I'm getting the same error that Deadpool (DVD) is not supported. See attached log files. I've tried on two different PCs and three different DVD/Blu-ray drives.
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    @irwinr, the thread you added your post to was about UHD movies, not about regular DVD, so I've moved your post to the correct section.

    Regarding the Deadpool (DVD) problem, please go to Common Settings>DVD>DVD Protection, uncheck the option "Enable Cloud Decryption Service" to have a try and see if it will make a difference. If no difference, check the option again, and then go to Pathplayer section, disable Pathplayer to try again.

    As a note: PathPlayer should be left in the default "Always Enable" mode unless there is some problem copying a certain DVD movie.
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      Disabling PathPlayer seems to have been the solution. Thanks Mona!


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        Check the playback carefully, and be sure to turn PathPlayer back on after processing this disc.
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