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  • v11 Feedback Nice work, DVDfab 11 GUI

    The new interface is nice, but there is one thing that bothers me. When DVDfab is scanning the disc it blurs the screen. I understand what you're trying to do here, by blurring the screen you bring the focus down on what you want people to watch, but it is really hard on my eyes. Is there a way to change it to a clouded effect or something like that. Thanks

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    Hi Darkore, a few others have mentioned this also, I believe the designers are looking into it. I found that after using it for about a week my eyes automatically went to the sharp image at the bottom of the window, which I think was the purpose of the feature. Thanks for the feedback.
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      I have to agree here, the blur effect is a bit annoying. The "clouded" effect where the non-focus area is partially faded seems to be more commonly used effect with some software. Actually Fab is the only software I use that uses this blur effect. Even just leaving it unchanged would be better. And please bring the old skins back as additional skins ( I personally liked 'Light of Hope'). Honestly, and this is just me, there was nothing wrong with the old GUI. Actually like that better. But that's just me.

      Ok, thanks.