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  • Copy versus Clone

    What exactly is the difference between full disc copy and clone?

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    The difference between these two modules are as below:

    Clone: Make perfect 1:1 Blu-ray clone and must have the same size as original blank disc and cannot be compressed.

    Full Disc: Make perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy or you can save space by choosing remove HD audio or compress to bd25.
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      Clone reads and copies the disc on a bit-for-bit basis. Copy modes (Full Disc or Main Move etc.) read on a file basis and can be manipulated or compressed. Clone also duplicates the file layout of the original disc.
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        Another important difference, as far as I can tell from my own experiences, is that clone will not disable UOP (User Operated Prohibitions) such as not being able to skip certain clips or sometimes even skip reviews if the distributor has opted to lock that option out, whereas user can usually opt to disable these restrictions when doing a Full Copy. Also, Clone gives you the option of keeping the ISO copy protected (i.e. NOT decrypted other protections still in place). The only use I have seen for this is to load a protected ISO into DVDfab for some other operation such as Main movie. DVDFab usually treats this as the original source. However, other players (software and standalone) will not be able to play these and will recognize them as a copied disc or file and will give appropriate warnings. One use I have found for this is when you have a disc with Screenpass or some other protection that DVDFab does not yet have a fix for, you can create a protected ISO on you hard drive for later use, and when a fix becomes available, create the backup from that. The whole operation is much faster than from a BD since transfer rates of hard drives are much faster. Of course you can still reload the original disk at a later time if you want.


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          Thanks folks, I think that explains what I need to know. Appreciate the feedback.