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    @ walkerx , I see at one time you had bot Version 10 & 11 installed.
    Would version 10 work correctly with 11 also installed ?
    If so you might as well have both installed.
    Then you can test suggestions made for version 11 .
    While still using version 10 on any DVD/BD disc it will work on.
    I have both installed on my Windows 7 32-bit OS in separate folders in Program Files.
    I actually have all the way back to version 7 still installed.
    I haven't tested ripping a DVD with version 7 for a very long time.
    I assume if I ripped a DVD old enough it would still work.
    I even have a Vista OS that has DVDFab HD Decrypter 3 .
    I should give that a test sometime.


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      think i've solved it - even though it was set to block or anything, it looks like WD was stopping 11 from working properly even though 10 was - everytime you inserted a dvd with 11 running windows listed it as a removable drive, as soon as you exited v11 the disc was listed properly in windows - never happened with v10 - messed about with settings on WD and told it to warn me about what was happening - then got the apps to be allowed no matter what and now seems to be working - but will monitor it