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    I've seen this widget but never paid attention to it. What is it meant to tell me? The reason I ask is my motherboard has an Intel processor(CPU) but the PC has an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU. The widget appears to be telling me incorrectly that my CPU is NVIDIA.
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    I have an Intel CPU, when I am copying/Shrinking or encoding the first part of the process highlights the CPU and advises what speed I am utilising. I have a EVGA Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti card and on the second stage it highlights Nvidia and goes upto Maximium! Using the GPU means I can shrink a UHD 100 to BD50/BD25 in under 20 minutes.
    I forgot to say that the Intel part of the graph will kick in if you have an Intel GPU.


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      What it's telling you is that you are using Intel QuickSync (IQS) hardware acceleration for decoding or encoding files. You can set this to use CUDA (nvidia) or IQS (either one, encode or decode). The control is in DVDFab Settings->AV Codec.
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