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    DVDFab Problems with UHD Black Hawk Down

    First, I'd like to point out that I'm using the trial version. Because of the limitations imposed by it I haven't had that much time to troubleshoot the issues. In other words, I've only been able to experience issues with this one movie. That's not to say it wouldn't happen with other movies though. I simply only have enough trial runs to test with one movie. So without further ado here are my findings thus far:

    DVDFab has a problem when I try to drag and drop the decrypted UHD Black Hawk Down ISO while under the ”Copy” mode. It will bring up the analyzing prompt as usual, once it goes away nothing happens and if you click on anything the program will freeze with a not responding error from Windows. If I do the same with the protected version of the ISO, DVDFab will prompt a “Reading/Writing Error Control” message. However, if I use the disc instead of the ISO then DVDFab will load and decrypt as expected. So clearly there are some bugs there.

    When using DVDFab to do a “Passthrough” of the UHD Black Hawk Down ISO to MKV (possibly MT2S or MP4 as well) the copy rate is slow. I’ve found this is due to DVDFab not using the HDD’s resources very well while it’s copying. To test this, I’ve used a competitor’s software, in this case MakeMKV and compared the HDD resource consumption between both. I’ve attached a side by side screenshot showing the percentage of the HDD’s activity during a DVDFab passthrough and a MakeMKV passthrough with the same settings applied to each. DVDFab is on the left and MakeMKV is on the right. The graph is a 60 second real time HDD usage from Windows Task Manager taking in the middle of each run. The MakeMKV passthrough has a much faster completion rate than the DVDFab passthrough. This is reflected in the HDD being used more by MakeMKV as seen in the screenshot. Since no encoding is being applied here I think maybe some optimization could be made to DVDFab to utilize the HDD more and achieve faster completion rates like MakeMKV.

    I’d also like to point out that during the 1 day I’ve had with the DVDFab trial so far, it has crashed multiple times for various reasons that I haven't been able to pinpoint yet. When it does, it displays an unexpected error prompt that allows me to send an error report to you. I never did fill out the forms that come up with them. But I did send all of them in. Hopefully they can help you as well.

    That's all I've been able to find so far. At this point my trial is basically useless as I have no to very little runs left to continue testing. I've zipped the log files for you and attached them here as well. Let me know if you need anything else. But I cannot plan to purchase the full version of the product at this time if it is not working and my trial is preventing me from testing other movies.
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    There have been other user reports of problems with the Black Hawk Down UHD disc, the developers are already checking it. If you want to exercise the trial version, I suggest a different title.
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      Originally posted by signals View Post
      There have been other user reports of problems with the Black Hawk Down UHD disc, the developers are already checking it. If you want to exercise the trial version, I suggest a different title.
      Hi signals,

      I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one! I seem to draw the short stick on bugs with programs all the time so I wasn't surprised when my first experience with DVDFab was a buggy one. If they have everything they need to work on it and get it fixed then that's fine.

      I see you didn't comment on remuxing speed of the program. I'm sure you have a lot of your own personal use with DVDFab though. Is it normal for it to have HDD usage like that in your opinion, Or do you think the program could be optimized for further improvement? Seeing as there's no transcoding or re-encoding involved I believe there is room for optimization. I'm just not sure if it's something the developers would consider or not?

      I'll go ahead and use what I can out of the trial runs I have left and report back if I discover any other new bugs.