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  • I am using an older version DVDFab not connecting to server

    We've got a few verions of DVDFab in the house and just lately none of them seem to be able to connect to the server.

    I've got v11 and where once the monkey's face would light up during startup, nothing is happening. The older versions, during startup, are no longer saying "accessing server information". Upon startup and insertion of a disc, the program is saying the internet is required when my internet is connected and the firewall is set to allow it through. I've tried in Windows 10 safe mode with networking as well and it didn't work.

    One of the error logs on the older versions refers to a "CTcpServer::StopThread" error, and another shows "error curl post: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL". Any ideas what's going on? This has happened all of a sudden across all our versions!
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    The older versions of DVDFab (8, 9 and possibly 10) can no longer connect to the servers, so that is to be expected. Check the logs of your security software or firewall for blocks on DVDFab components. If v11 fails, attach a DVDFab internal log session and the install log.
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