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  • VSO Burning Engine

    VSO is the default burning engine that installs with DVDFab. If you have problems with the disc writing part of the copy process (usually "Task 2 of 2" in DVD to DVD) or DVDFab reports errors there, VSO has its own excellent support site, which you can reach here. On the page that opens, click on the link that says "Send Message"; a download box will open to run a small executable file (vsorep.exe) which will automatically gather system information and logs for submission to VSO Tech Support. For some problems, you may get a quicker and more targeted response from VSO direct than from posting in the DVDFab forums, but VSO related topics can be posted in this sub-forum or in the DVD Copy or Blu-ray Copy forums.
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    are you no longer including vso in the general install of 7012? I get the option and make sure its checked but then when I look at the write burning engine options in common settings it only lists the option for Imgburn and Nero? What gives? I prefer the integrated VSO engine because it means I don't need to download and install anything else when I purchase and install a product. Plus--I've had few to no problems with it...and I prefer that it shows me the status in the same dvdfab window without another window for imgburn having to launch and run.


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      It is available as I have the option to use VSO with DVDFab Check out the attachment
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        it appears the problem was that my subscription expired a few days ago...and that feature disappeared...guess not in the free version? or because my copy was no longer valid....just paid for lifetime service to prevent that from happening again! Rock on DVDfab!


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          There's a new version of the vso_hwe.dll available, version


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            Thanks for the update. I've been using it for a while.