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    UHD Creator Picture Black in UHD with 4K UHD Creator

    Hello dear movie fans,

    I have since the installation of the graphics card ZOTAC 1060 after creating a 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc BD-R 25GB and 50GB only black picture in the movie.
    The sound is completely present.
    Player Panasonic DMP UB 900 Panasonic,
    I have successfully created the films with HDR, etc. with the onboard graphics.
    All films run perfectly.
    The difference is that it takes 5 days without
    graphic card to finish the disc. With
    graphic card GTX 1060 the process takes 30 min. Very suspicious......
    The stream file in the BDMV folder of the UHD is fine and will play normally on the PC.
    This file also recognizes the DMP UB 900 player from the USB stick.
    Recently in the DVD Fab menu is thick in red UHD Creator HD Decrypter.

    Problem is in windows 7 and windows 10
    In windows 10 no red information appears in the menu However, the same in Win 10, the movie is without image, sound available.

    What does that mean? Does anyone have an idea why that is?

    ADMIN NOTE: the links you posted were not valid and have been removed.

    try checking the Panasonic DMP UB 900 player has the latest firmware update
    and your computer's graphics card has the latest driver update.
    also please post the dvdfab internal log files as well as the burn log files.



      Player and graphics cards have the latest firmware update / driver update...

      Where do I find the internal log files of dvdfab and the burn log data?


        DO NOT use huge fonts in posts, it is against the rules. The image links in your first post produced error messages from the linked site and have been removed. Instructions for supplying logs are linked in my sig. http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showpost.php?...40&postcount=5

        If you have the folder or temp file that DVDFab produced, please analyze it with BDInfo (a free tool, google for it) and attach the text file report that it produces to a new post.
        Supplying DVDFab Logs in the Forum ...........................User Manual PDF for DVDFab v11................................ Guide: Using Images in Posts
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          here again the info from the DVDFab menu What is the red information mean?
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            Hello, it works now. It lab on the driver of the video card. This was not up to date. However, the result is still with mistakes. Here are a few screenshots of the created m2ts file from the BDMV folder of the hard disk of Windows 7 Ultimate The log file is in progress. First of all, everything under Win 10 test.
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