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  • UHD Creator Black screen

    When i had a GTX980 i had to convert or Creat a 4k film with software and it worked well apart from the time it took , I now have a GTX1080 gpu and when using that for encoding i get a black screen.and will not play , am i missing something ?

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    Post your internal log file for the 4k that won't playback and check to see if you have the latest driver for your GTX 980.Also what playback device are you using?
    Did you try it on computer software player like Fabs player?


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      The problem is with the 1080, not the 980.

      Ultrakipper I would suggest that you attach not only the internal log but also the fabcheck log, it contains info on your GPU and whether Fab is seeing and using it as expected. It is in the same folder as the internal log.
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        Update ,, just tried it in a friends player and its the same. I don't get any errors with dvdfab , everything works as it should , the disk just won,t play. The old way i used my cpu for encoding - only thing that has changed is that i am using my gpu.