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Am I not understanding something in regards to Dolby Atmos?

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  • Am I not understanding something in regards to Dolby Atmos?

    I Have a Dolby Atmos system or 7.2.4, Just ripped Deadpool as ISO and mkv. It is showing Dolby TrueHD\Atmos. When I played the mkv it show multi channel but wasn't outputting from all my speakers. Am I losing the main Dolby Atmos track when doing mkv or ISO?

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    Matroska is a container format, like mp4 or m2ts. I never used Matroska and don't know all its limitations.

    ISO instead is a disk image, and will contain everything from the original disk that hasn't been explicitly removed.


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      I think it depends on the media player you are using and the amplifier you are running the output through. Both need to be ATMOS compatible and the audio settings of the player set correctly for ATMOS to be decoded

      For example my DVDFab Media Server and my Samsung UHD player (using PLEX) will output ATMOS correctly through my Denon amp from MKV files but using Amazon Fire TV and Plex I only get DIRECT audio (Stereo). This is due to the Fire TV/Plex hardware/software combination limitation.

      Also the Audio output settings of the media player needs to be set up to output correctly.

      For example when I got my Sony 4K BD player and streamed Netflix 5.1 content, the Amplifier would display Multi-Channel decoding. I had to play with the Sony Player Audio output settings to get the Amp to recognize the pass through audio stream and operate Dolby Digital Surround DDS+

      I'm using DVDFab 11 and have made both iso and mkv formats of my disks with ATMOS audio and it works fine for me.


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        When it analyzed the disk does it show English AC-3 TrueHD/7.1 Atmos? I was trying Infuse on my Apple TV and my Marantz SR6013 showed PCM multichannel but only 5.1. I switched the settings to passthrough and just got loud static. Will try another newer movie maybe. Does your Atmos setup 7.1.4?


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          For example when ripping a 4K Dolby Atmos disk with MKV Passthrough the analysis shows " MKV Passthrough 4k HEVC AC-3 TrueHDAtmos "

          My Denon AV is setup as 11.1 (or 7.1.4)

          Is your media player an Apple TV 4k? I believe it was updated late 2018 to include ATMOS. Check you Apple TV to see if it is a 4K unit and the firmware updated for ATMOS. I don't use Apple TV so no experience here.

          The media player should ideally output audio as digital pass through via the HDMI and let the AV amplifier do the audio decoding.


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            My Marantz is setup for 11.1 or actually 7.2.4 since I have two subs. I confirmed my Apple 4k is on hdmi and this time in the Infuse app I changed to passthrough, closed out and back in. The movies still say PCM but show 7.1 on the left for input and 11.2 on the right. I checked on the actual disk when playing and it just says Dolby Atmos without the diagram of what speakers are being sent out. So I guess that takes care of it I guess. The other thing I noticed was the metadata of the movies are displaying 4k (yea) and Dolby TrueHD 8. Never heard Atmos described that way.


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              Just picked up the Nvidea Shield. It is showing Dolby Atmos via passthrough. Would rather buy hardware than payy $99 for Infuse even though it looks good.


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                Glad you got it sorted, sorry you had a problem with it.
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