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  • UHD Ripper Mission Impossible: Fallout

    1. Intel 8700K
    2. Asrock Z370
    3. 32GB Memory
    4. GTX 1070Ti

    Hi Guys! I am new here. The DVDFab interface is quite straight forward, and I can usually convert between one hour to an hour and a half.
    I have hit a stone wall when it comes to this 4K Mission Impossible: Fallout release.

    1. DVDFab x64
    2. Ripper / MKV Passthrough
    3. No, HDR 10 in the successful completion.
    4. I have used Ripper / MKV Passthrough for other titles including Jurassic Park (5 disks), and they play HDR on my LG OLED 65B6P TV flawlessly.
    5. When I bought this disk, it did have a heavy soap opera effect, but now it is OK.

    Thank you for your time,


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    Hi Becketo, welcome to the DVDFab international family of users and the forum. Since you have never posted before we assume that everything generally works pretty well for you, sorry this did not. Please locate and attach the DVDFab internal log session from the attempt to convert MI:Fallout. If you did it recently, it should be near the end of the large text file which is the log. Copy and paste it into a Notepad text file and attach it to a reply post. Tips for attaching the log session to a post are found here: http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showpost.php?...40&postcount=5 You can send me a PM if you have any problems with the log.
    Supplying DVDFab Logs in the Forum ...........................User Manual PDF for DVDFab v11................................ Guide: Using Images in Posts


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      Hi Guardian,

      Here is the text file for Mission Impossible: Fallout. I hope this helps.
      Attached Files


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        Read the article about motion smoothing and this film. Tom Hanks reccomends turning it off when watching this movie.
        Hope this helps


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          Thanks for your advice. I know that this movie has issues with soap opera effects as stated by Tom Cruise and others. I have corrected the problem on my TV through custom settings in Trumotion, so I haven't had any issues.


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            For anyone who is keeping tabs of what 4K movies that are not playing on Asus BW-16D1HT revised firmware 3.00. 1. Oblivion (Tom Cruise)


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              I just finished encoding forty-one of my 4K disks (MKV Passthrough), and I started playing them on my OLED 65B6P TV through Plex and only two played in HDR. What's happening?
              Do I have to reencode and send logs for each one that doesn't play on my TV?


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                I just finished encoding forty-one of my 4K disks (MKV Passthrough), and I started playing them on my OLED 65B6P TV through "Plex" and only a few played in HDR. What's happening? So far I do not have problems with movie copy to disc.

                Do I have to reencode and send logs for each one that doesn't play on my TV?

                These are the titles not playing in HDR: The files show up on my TV as (4K HEVC Main 10 HDR)

                1. Valerian 2. Deadpool 2016 3. Warcraft 2016 4. Pacific Rim 2013 5. John Wick 2014 6. John Wick 2017 7. San Andreas 2015 8. Kong: SkullIsland 2017

                9. Jupiter Ascending 2015 10. Star Trek Beyond 2016 11. Star Trek Into the Darkness 2013 12. Star Trek 2009 13. Maze Runner: Death Cure 2018

                14.Ender's Game 2013 15. Blade Runner 1982 16. Blade Runner 2049 2017 17. Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 18. Wonder Woman 2017

                19. Mission Impossible: Fallout 20. Star Troopers 1997


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                  Hi Everyone,

                  There hasn't been any new news or ideas about the "HDR" factor. I tried to rip a movie I just purchased from Amzaon.com "The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor."
                  It didn't work. However, I did get this message: Oops! This disk is not supported yet, please try again. The operative word "yet" which leads me to believe there are others in the same situation. I am also thinking since the application is new to the market it is going to take time to build the library for these 4K titles. Is anyone else having these issues?


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                    Hi Everyone,

                    Happy Chinese New Year.

                    The HDR effect relies on what audio you choose. I happen to notice through deduction that Plex was not allowing me to play "HDR" "MKV Passthrough."

                    Although the audio TrueHD 7.1 played flawlessly. I went to my LG TV (Photo and Video) and played it through the server. It played the video in "HDR," but no audio and that is how I discovered why I couldn't get "HDR" to play on my TV with the Pex server.

                    "MKVPassthrough" allows you to choose different audio streams or you can choose both. I do not know why the audio stream effects "HDR" play. DTS plays well with HDR. It would be nice to have the TrueHD 7.1 with "HDR," I play my sound through my 7.1 receiver, but that's something for the engineers to figure out.


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                      Mission Impossible: Fallout "HDR" enabled through "MKVPassthrough" AC3 5.1