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How to save more than one subtitle track when using Converter?

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    General Question How to save more than one subtitle track when using Converter?

    Whenever I use the Converter feature it only allows me to select a single subtitle track to save with the output file. The source files have multiple subtitle tracks that I would like to save but it will not allow me to select more than one. Can we only select a single subtitle track using the Converter function? If so, please consider allowing us to select as many as we want in a future patch. Thank you.

    Edit: It's working now. The last several movies I used with the Converter function if I checked a second subtitle track it would uncheck the first subtitle track, only allowing me to select one. I don't know why it's working now and didn't before, even with this same movie that now is working. And sorry, this should be in the regular Converter forum not UHD.

    If you are converting discs, ISOs or folders of movies, you must use Ripper instead of Converter (which is for video file->different video file conversions, e.g. MP4->MKV). Unclear from the terminology what you are attempting, but glad to hear it works OK now.
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      Na I'm not ripping I'm just shrinking mkv's into smaller mkv's but wanting to keep more than one sub track. It's working now but it's weird because the last 4 or 5 movies would only let me choose one sub track. Even the movie I did right before I wrote this post, which is why I finally wrote the post, didn't work. But, of course, after the writing the post and going back and trying one last time it worked OK. I dunno, if it happens again I guess I'll post again, in the right forum next time.