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How to save more than one subtitle track when using Converter?

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  • General Question How to save more than one subtitle track when using Converter?

    Whenever I use the Converter feature it only allows me to select a single subtitle track to save with the output file. The source files have multiple subtitle tracks that I would like to save but it will not allow me to select more than one. Can we only select a single subtitle track using the Converter function? If so, please consider allowing us to select as many as we want in a future patch. Thank you.

    Edit: It's working now. The last several movies I used with the Converter function if I checked a second subtitle track it would uncheck the first subtitle track, only allowing me to select one. I don't know why it's working now and didn't before, even with this same movie that now is working. And sorry, this should be in the regular Converter forum not UHD.

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    If you are converting discs, ISOs or folders of movies, you must use Ripper instead of Converter (which is for video file->different video file conversions, e.g. MP4->MKV). Unclear from the terminology what you are attempting, but glad to hear it works OK now.
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      Na I'm not ripping I'm just shrinking mkv's into smaller mkv's but wanting to keep more than one sub track. It's working now but it's weird because the last 4 or 5 movies would only let me choose one sub track. Even the movie I did right before I wrote this post, which is why I finally wrote the post, didn't work. But, of course, after the writing the post and going back and trying one last time it worked OK. I dunno, if it happens again I guess I'll post again, in the right forum next time.