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New! DVDFab 10 for Linux is released out.

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    Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.2 64bit.
    I downloaded, moved it to my Home directory and ran the following via Terminal:

    chmod +x

    I was able to install DVDFab via the prompts. The 1st time I launched it I could see the 'connecting to server' message, although it just hung there. Subsequent launches have the connecting message omitted and the splash screen stays visible forever.

    Looking at Settings-Software & Updates-Additional Drivers, I'm Using NVIDIA legacy binary driver-version 304.135 from nvidia-304 (proprietary, tested)
    I bought a separate full license as soon as I discovered DVDFab was finally on Linux. Any way I can successfully use this with my setup?
    Thank you for this, btw!


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      Hi VandylEyez, please check to see if DVDFab generated an install log and/or a dvdfab_internal.log file. If so, please attach them to a post. There may also be a fabcheck_internal.log and a thing inexplicably called "server_log.log.log" that would be helpful for troubleshooting. Sorry you are having a problem with it.
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        Thanks signals, here are the files I've found and the paths where they were located (if it helps other Ubuntu/Linux noobs):

        0m 00.57s:

        [logs attached]

        I searched my system for server_log.log and many variants of, along with fabcheck_internal.log but came up empty on both. Please let me know if there is more to look for and possibly their locations.
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          I am on Win platform and am not sure where they might be for linux. The developers check here often for problems or another Linux user may be able to suggest something. I will send the devs a link to your post.
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            Thanks, I tried switching video drivers back to the non proprietary version per info earlier in this thread but the screen becomes garbled. I'll keep an eye out here. Hoping a solution is found as DVDFab is the only remaining program keeping me from leaving Windows altogether


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              So what's happening on the Linux release? I was happy when announced, tried it and paid for the additional platform, but nothing has happened since? Is it dead in the water? Are the devs ever coming out with a 2nd release??? Please?


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                I am also concerned, paid for the linux version... noticed new versions get released for mac and windows and nothing is happening with the linux version