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Unable to select item in drop box with mouse

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  • Data Collection Unable to select item in drop box with mouse

    In the Meta Info edition window, if you click on a drop box and the list appears above the box, it will disappear when the mouse cursor exits the box by the upper edge to reach the list.

    The only workaround I've found is to use the keyboard up arrow to reach the desired item.

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    I run into the same problem and do the same workaround. Would love to have this resolved as it is obnoxious


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      +1 for a fix here too!


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        The choices in the drop down box are invisible and I just have to choose until I find the right one!

        A fix I found was changing the entire interface color scheme to the first choice.


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          I have noticed the same problem that spaceharfang reported, but only after a few of the titles above it have been selected. The earlier ones work fine. I have reported it to the developers, sorry for the inconvenience; thanks to all for the continued support for MetaInfo.
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