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  • From DVDFab Movie Server Team Movie Server FAQ+New Features List

    Thanks for your interest in the DVDFab Movie Server!

    This state-of-the-art hardware is perfect for watching your movie collection anywhere your network reaches. Here are some quick facts to answer basic questions. If the information you need is not on the list, check the DVDFab website for more facts or post a question here in the Movie Server forum.

    The initial release of DVDFab Movie Server has drawn feedback from all over the world and some of these questions and feature suggestions have already been incorporated into the unit. These include:
    • Internal memory size has been doubled from 8GB to 16GB, enhancing the space for any apps you may wish to add.
    • To improve the range and signal reliability, the radio inside the unit now has two antennas and supports 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.
    • The supplied AC adapter has been improved to support 47-60 Hz and 110-220V AC input, and will come with plug adapters for EU, UK and US systems.
    • The unit will now be supplied with an extra 60cm (~24 inch) USB 3.0 cable for user convenience in attaching peripherals
    • In spite of these enhancements, the price remains as advertised !

    DVDFab Movie Server FAQ

    Q: What is the purpose of the Movie Server?
    A: DVDFab Movie Server is designed to make it easy and enjoyable to enjoy your movie collection of Blu-ray and DVDs anywhere that can be reached on your local network.

    Q: What kind of content does it accept?
    A: The Server is designed to be used with DVDFab v10.x using ISO output format. It offers full menu functions as found on the original disc. It will also play other movie files made with DVDFab or from other sources (h264/265 and 4K UHD formats, etc).

    Q: What about Cinavia?
    A: DVDFab Movie Server does not respond to the Cinavia watermark.

    Q: What is the declared value for customs purposes?
    A: US$40 or the equivalent in local currency if required.

    Q: What about shipping costs? From where is it shipped?
    A: Shipping fees are included in the cost, the units will ship from Shenzhen, China.

    Q: Is the internal memory expandable?
    A: No, but the installed memory size has been doubled to 16GB.

    Q: Does it require a license or key file?
    A: No, but it must be activated using your email and password from the DVDFab Member Center.

    Q: Does it come with a copy of DVDFab or if not, is there a discount if I buy both?
    A: Sorry, DVDFab is not included and there is currently no "combo" discount.

    Q: What about the metadata, where does it come from?
    A: If your files are created by DVDFab, it will supply the metadata. If not, Movie Server will attempt to download it from the internet but the accuracy may be compromised depending on the quality of the source

    Q: How is the media library managed and does the location of the files matter?
    A: Your movies, regardless of location, are managed two ways by Movie Server: either using the Poster Wall or browsing by file list by movie name.

    Q: When will regular sales begin and when will they ship?
    A: Regular sales have begun and shipping of the pre-ordered units is underway.

    Q: How does it update? Will there be frequent updates?
    A: The Movie Server updates itself online and will show you a prompt screen with a changelog when an update is available. It takes about 3-4 minutes to download, install and reboot itself, but this can vary a little based on the total content and your internet speed. The first update has already been released, with more to come. Updates can also be downloaded to a USB flash drive for updating later.

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    Hello - The Movie Server looks interesting. I've read the FAQ and I've already corresponded with "Mona" who answered a few questions. But one of those is still unclear so I'll restate and ask here (plus another).
    1 - I currently use and love my Logitech Harmony 900 universal / programmable remote control. Will the needed remote codes for your new MS remote be available for my Harmony remote to be programmed to control the MS???

    new questions here:
    2 - I cannot tell from the FAQ: does this device send video ONLY to the TV or A/V receiver that is connected via the HDMI? I ask because like TiVo I desire to be able to send media playback from the MS to any of the two A/V Receivers in my home.

    3 - I've used DVDFab for Mac for years and have a collection of Video_TS folders on my computer. I want to know I can transfer those to the MS and play them back. However I see int he FAQ the mention of using ISO files - NOT what I have. So can I expect to move to the MS and playback the Video_TS DVD folders?

    4 - Backing up hundreds of media files is very important. The Hardware Configuration specs say there is a USB2 and USB3 interface. Can I hook a USB 3.0 external hard drive to the MS and BACKUP all content as a safety net?

    5 -Can I do a backup via Ethernet to my in home NAS?

    I hope you will answer each of my questions. thank you


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      1-Can it play side by side and over and under Mkv files made with Fab? (not Iso's)

      2-Is the software Fabs or do we have to wait for software upgrades from another company?

      3-Can it stream from the internet like a computer Netflix Amazon etc?
      4-Is their a App for this to make it work?

      5-Doe's it have a internet browser or a App for one ?

      6-Can it's 3.0 connector be connected to a 3.0 extender so many hard drives can be all plunged in all at once and if yes will all hard drives be able to be searched and show up on the video wall the total movies on all drives?

      7-On the UBS plug in drive will it be a separate movie wall for it's movies or will drive you plug into the server box's side also have it's own movie wall or both combined?

      8-Movies already on UBS plug in drives can't be added to the wall or searched for is this correct? So if you already have a movie collection on a hard drive they can't be used by the wall or searched for they can be played only if you stream them over wi fi?

      9-For movie to be able to be on the wall and searched for doe's it have to be a iso ? What about compressed iso or main movie
      iso and full 3d also.

      10-If collection of side by side 3d on UBS drive were made into iso format will it be able to add to video wall and make searchable?

      11.Same question with 2d files already on a UBS drive can they be added to wall and made searchable if made into iso"s.or will Fab have a solution so all collections of every type already on the plug in USB drive so they go to the video wall and are searchable.?
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        For 4k supports HE10 what about Dolby Vision?
        Is this a made for Fab A10?


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          This is an early version, features will be improved and new ones added.
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            Of course we will update software for DVDFab Movie Server regularly, just like we did for DVDFab in last 14+ years.

            In the meantime, we think the features for first release is attractive enough for DVDFab 10 users.
            DVDFab is the all-in-one software package for copying Blu-ray/DVD and converting video file.


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              Will this server be available as software only? Many of us already have the hardware at hand and just need good software to run.


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                Originally posted by mejohnm View Post
                Will this server be available as software only? Many of us already have the hardware at hand and just need good software to run.
                see here - http://www.myce.com/news/dvdfab-anno...-server-81878/


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                  Question: Cinavia


                  I've pre-ordered the DvdFab Movie server!

                  I just received your latest email about it, and it says:

                  "Play back Cinavia-protected DVDs and Blu-rays problem-free"

                  So, I am assuming that I do not need to purchase DVDFab and / or Blueray Cinavia removal!?

                  I am assuming DVDFAB 10 (lifetime) will copy the files to the movie server, and there's no problems in playback?

                  Thanks in advance for your feedback



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                    That is correct; also, there have been some improvements in the hardware, they are summarized in post #1 of this thread.
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                      Originally posted by signals View Post
                      That is correct; also, there have been some improvements in the hardware, they are summarized in post #1 of this thread.
                      Hello Signals


                      After years of alternatives, I can now save my huge old and current DVDs Collections in Hard Drives, without the hassle of trying to figuring it all out on my own!

                      Kind Regards


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                        You are welcome, hope you enjoy the product.
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                          Glitches or improvements in the firmware or my personal favorite, new features.

                          Hello Again,

                          Purely out of curiosity, what type of updated software would the movie server need or required? Etc?

                          Thanks in advance for any response!



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                            Also have a question about the Movie Server

                            1. From the Features list or spec sheet it looks like you can play your movies from smb shares. I currently am using a Window Server 2008R2 as my movie file server, just wanted to make sure I can connect through Ethernet Cable to shared folders on that server and play the movies from your server which would be located at the Tv. They are not in ISO format, but in TS, Vob files for dvd and for Blu rays is M2TS format. as my understanding is as close to a 1 to 1 image of the disc.

                            2. I have about 9TB of movies. Is there a limit to the size of movies I can have?

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                              I am told it is 8TB.

                              I do not have a solid answer for you yet on the playback of folders, it is how I store them also, so I am pushing for it too. Cabled ethernet I believe will work, but I have not tested it yet. We will have better answers for you on both these items, so check this thread often.

                              Both of these things I think could be changed with firmware updates, which will be steadily added.
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