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Movie Server FAQ+New Features List

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    As the Dev team is working on code updates there are 2 items I wish considered. 1 I have mentioned elsewhere but I will mention here again.

    1. Please bring back the option to read the whole plot and see the complete list of the cast.

    2, When bringing up the Movies option. I would love it to ask which sub-directory,under the dvdfab directory, you want to display as the first option. This way
    I can add directories of my choice such as, WIFE, KIDS, WATCHED. This way these particular groups can only see the movies from their section.

    This one is something I really would love to see. Not sure if others feel the same way.


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      Interesting features (like Netflix user profiles), which I have passed along to the development team. This is an old and long thread that is hard to follow and outdated in some cases, so it will be closed. If you have a question, problem, feature request, please start a new thread in this forum and choose the thread prefix that relates to your topic. Thanks to all that provided this great feedback during the early development of the product.
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