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  • Continuing Problems

    Recently updated software and firmware. MS = v1.0.1.0 and DVDFab = x64 v10.0.6.8

    1. Not sure if this is MS or DVDFab. Copied 1 movie and disc one of a multi-disc TV series. Using Full Disc mode. In both cases, the iso file was copied to the MS HDD DVDFab/Video folder and not the Movie folder. In both cases, the iso was copied into the folder and did not have an individual subfolder. The movies are correctly identified in the MS database (ie iFileType field in tbVideosFile.) In neither case was either movie shown as recently added. This happened for the first time after the updates.

    2. MS is incorrectly reporting HDD temperature. After booting up, disk manager reports the HDD temp at 100 degrees C. Actual measured temperature (laser thermometer) is 29.8 degrees C.

    3. After 10 boots (power cylce start using the remote) MS consistently (always) reports New HDD Detected. and wants to rescan. This problem existed with earlier versions, but only intermittently.

    4. Each rescan of HDD causes about 8 movies to lose poster display. I reported a similar problem previously. Each time this happens, the value of the iFileType in tbVideosFile was changed to 1 on these movies instead of 2 and the value of idMovie in tbVideosFile was changed to -1 for these movies instead of the correct identifier. Restoring the correct values cures the problem until the next scan. The only way to stop it is to decline the rescan on the New HDD Detected prompt.

    5. I attempted to send the logs, but received an error message of a Network Connection Failure. (I previously reported this and no one contacted me with instructions to locate the log files and manually send them.) There is no network issue as internet is fine and I can communicate with MS via browser and Explorer. There is no internet issue as I am using it as I write. I wonder if the issue is related to satellite internet? The latency and handshake can sometimes be different than with cable, DSL or other options.

    Seems we are going backwards.

    Please advise. I can send the db if needed or the log files if I'm told how to find them and to whom they should be sent.


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    I've also noticed all my DVDFAB created backups are going to the Video folder instead of the Movie folder. And there is not a sub-folder being created for these. I have been manually creating a folder for these and moving them to the Movie folder. Extra steps for sure but I like the clean organization better that having all the files grouped together.


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      First, thanks for the feedback, it is very important. The developers believe some of the issues you mention are due to problems in the drive mount timing at bootup that I posted about in this thread https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...st-experiences if you want more details. To help with a solution, please zip and attach the server log, which can be found at \\[your MS IP]\share\sdcard\Android\data\org.dvdfab.box.launcher\files\.vidon\profile. The filename begins with a date in this format: 20171116-server.log. Thanks, correcting these issues is a high priority job.


      You should make this a Feature Request in a new thread, it's not really related.
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        Thanks signals,

        Attaching 4 files (you didn't mention which was desired). Let me know if you prefer these to be sent via PM. The 4 files should show the before and after update status. Let me know if anything more is needed.
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          Thanks again for the feedback, please consider joining the new forum discussed in the Notice at the top of the page.
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          Supplying DMS Logs to Developers.............


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            hi DuaneS, The next version will try to fix these issues.