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Could the future Firmware Update contain both Cloud & Locally stored information?

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  • Feature Request Could the future Firmware Update contain both Cloud & Locally stored information?

    I've only had my DMS for a few days now and in all honesty I'm impressed that it plays everything that I have thrown at it and the quality of it is A+.

    After upgrading to 1013 and downgrading the back to 1010 I found that the 1013 is a better firmware apart from the Cloud based storage. (I was having trouble connecting to my DMS basically thanks to Microsoft and an OS update) but that's a different story that I found a fix for.

    So could the firmware not be the same or similar to 1013 but with an option to use either the Cloud or locally stored information or maybe even use both so you have a backup of some kind?

    The problems I had with 1010 is that I didn't have any sound for a lets say Blade Runner 2049 4K for example, unless I went into the settings of the DMS and unticked the TrueHD tick box. And then I would only get DTS5.1 but when set to TrueHD it would have no sound and show up as PCM on the amplifier.

    On 1013 I had sound with it ticked but still only PCM as apparently my amplifier requires Bitstream to be able to decode it correctly, but since downgrading back to 1010 I now have sound with it still ticked but only at PCM and not TrueHD. Other titles of ATMOS only soundtracks show up as TrueHD and play perfectly.

    Also with 1013 I have more options enabled for my 4K Panasonic it's definitely a better firmware apart from the cloud.

    So fingers crossed you could add the feature of both or either ways to store the information in the future firmware.

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    The movie info is still stored on the DMS local, so DMS and movie info still can be used and displayed correctly when disconnect the network, but to get the movie cover and infomation for your new added movie, DMS need to connect the network.

    For local and cloud version, just change the manager page from the local page to online page.

    And for the audio problem, yes, TrueHD should be output when check the TureHD option if your amplifier supports TrueHD, we will check it, thanks!


    Please post your logs the default location is:
    For DVDFab9_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab9\Log
    For DVDFab10_Win7 & Win8 C:\Users\User Name\My Documents\DVDFab10\Log
    For Mac: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab10/Log
    Please use attachment button and attach your most recent, Internal log and post right here.
    If it's the burning issue, please also attach burn log.



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      Thanks I'll try that later Wilson


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        Are you saying on the current version, we can access the server via xx.xx.xx.xx:32080/mediashow.html and
        I had major issues connecting via It let me connect for a day and then I could not connect anymore. Thus I rolled back.


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          No, the local manager on port 32080 is not available on firmware >v1.0.1.0, you must use, but the info it generates is stored locally on your dms box. I have had no problems connecting to the site, please check the logs for your security software to see if it is being blocked.
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            The problem for me is that I can't download So I can't use DMS. What do I do to get


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              Originally posted by defiantxab View Post
              The problem for me is that I can't download So I can't use DMS. What do I do to get
              Here you go


              TBH I dont get why it has to be stored on the cloud, What about the people who dont have fast internet connections? Not everybody lives where fibre broadband is available!!!!!!!

              At least with local you can still use your player somewhat normally.

              Another reason why im back on as when I tried updating to I couldnt login for 48hrs so rendered the player usless until eventually I got logged in, then most of my movies/TV series
              did not show up even after leaving it for hours.

              Locally worked perfect for me, the cloud seems to be a waste of time reading the rest of the threads about it on the forum.


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                Thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to stay on until this gets worked out.


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                  That's what I'm doing, I have no problems right now with