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4k playback issue with alternate audio choice

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  • Video Playback 4k playback issue with alternate audio choice

    I am trying the 3.1 beta right now but so far it's failed the same as the regular release before it. 4k playback of a mkv rip of a 4k disc and selection of an alternative audio source (director commentary) results in the playback grinding to about 1/2fps after several minutes. Stopping the playback and resuming will result in clear playback for several more minutes and then it all repeats. I can also rewind a short segment and it will resume playback for a bit before choking again.
    To be clear, regular playback of a 4k mkv with the normal audio (5.1/7.1) selected plays back just fine. For whatever reason it seems to choke on the commentary tracks, maybe it's having trouble with 2.0 channel audio?
    Since I actually enjoy listening to commentary tracks I find this very annoying. I don't want to have to load a disc into my Xbox just to listen to the commentary track.

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    Downgraded to 2.0 and no issues listening to commentary tracks.


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      Installed the newest beta and it now seems to be able to playback 4k rips and select alternate audio track without issue.


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        That is good news, thanks for the feedback.
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