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    After spending a few weeks editing my library, I think it's where I want it to be. Except, when I Go to Filter options - the Genre section is empty. Checked a few movies and they definitely have genres associated to them - I suspect most, if not all, do

    Please don't say 'Rebuild' as the last time I did, probably 150 movies found no match. These were all in folders marked as movie only but still came up as videos - most were fixed by doing a simple fix match - the right title came up first on the list after searching under Movies instead of Videos . I'm not going through that again

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    What firmware are you currently running? I don't think Genre is currently supported, I believe it is targeted for support in v2.x.x..x firmware. If you have not had a chance to read about this, see here: https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...ate#post365440
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      I noticed that Genre disapeared after certain amount of movies were added to it, I had going on a thousand movies to add via the network from my computers, somwhere arround the 400 movies mark Genere dissapeard. Though it is mute now as the thing won't display my media, states the media library is empty, which is a joke I have tried ever update file to get it back, but the only vwersion that shows what is on the internal drive is 1010, the rest don't display anything.