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    I received a replacement movie server for one that had the power supply go bad. Whether I have it find my DVDFab software to activate or manually type in my account information the system will search the account but than displays a message: Warranty details unavailable, Please enter the account used for the purchasing the movie server. I know it is accessing my account because at one point I mistyped the password and it gave a different message.

    I only have the one account. I can log into it online just fine and my software is active on that same account. The warranty on the original unit expired about a week before this one arrived.

    This is occurring when going through the initial setup so the only option when it displays that message is to activate . There is no option to bypass the message. From a post I saw of someone else having this problem it was a setting in their account. Can someone please resolve this for me. I have been emailing back and forth with Vivian who helped with the replacement but those emails have focused on the account access which I have not had any problem with.

    Your prompt attention to resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated. The email I used for this support request is the one all my DVDFab purchases have been made on.

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    The office is closed until the end of next week for a Chinese national holiday, nothing can be done until they return, sorry. Send Vivian a link to this thread.
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