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Precise trimming with Video Editor

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  • DVDFab (UI/General) Precise trimming with Video Editor


    Would it be possible to add support for trimming at precise timecodes (00:00:00.000) or frames, and for one to jump to said timecodes/frames via search (like MPC-HC)?

    Also, does DVDFab trim only at keyframes, or does it use smart rendering? Does it retain subtitle tracks after trimming and remuxing?

    I've been trying to trim video with VideoReDo, and love the interface and workflow--especially its ability to specify multiple start and endpoints so that multiple ranges can be combined into one contiguous video--but the program strips out subtitle tracks, to include vobsubs and PGS subtitles.
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    Any thoughts?


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      Aaaaanybody? :P

      I mean, hey: I'd be okay with a simple assertion that it won't happen, more than nothing.


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        DVDFab has an editor in the Ripper module already, as discussed in another thread recently. It may not work exactly as what you are requesting but is adequate for most purposes. The subs are fully preserved and synced after editing whether set to remux or direct render to video.
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