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    Hi guys..

    It would be awesome to allow creation of subtitle files while ripping. I use .MP4 and sometimes want to add subtitles outside of the initial rip, using something like MUXO.


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    Can't you just go into the conversion options and select output to sub/idx under subpicture instead of render to video?


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      The option is still available in many (but not all) profiles. Not sure why, but I will try to find out.

      bnewbold, which MP4 profile are you using?
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        It's not available in generic.xvid.avi & generic.h264.avi ones.
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          Thanks Complication.. I think I will test a hunch that you've led me to, in reading yours and Signals comments.

          I rip to AppleTV (h264) so I don't have the sub/idx option BUT I can set up to rip twice, once using the apple tv profile, and then again as audio only with sub/idx.

          Haven't tried it yet but i think it's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!!