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    I have a Q6600 quad core, not particularly fast by today’s standards. I always rip the main movie to the HDD compressed if necessary and use the folder as the source. I just tried on the iPad.h264 profile; it achieved 225 fps pretty quickly and went faster as it neared completion. Completed the movie in 11 minutes, and that’s pretty quick for my equipment. So I tried the same movie using the iPod.touch profile, it achieved 335 fps @ 480x272, consistently and up to 346 fps in places, complete in just over 6 minutes. One minor issue with the iPod.touch output, it no longer plays on the PSP so something has changed, but I can’t be sure which version, haven’t used it in a bit. Nice improvement for me overall, thanks!
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    This is probably the "halloween treat" speed increase that was mentioned in the release notes for (I think) v8.1.3.1.
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      I haven't tried a conversion in awhile, but it's looking good on my rig too.
      Middle of the road specs when I built my rig 2 years ago...core i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz.

      Did a 6.05 GB flick to an iPad profile with the same settings as 90312.
      Took approx 7 minutes and ran a bit over 400 fps
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