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How to determine the audio lag length in ms?

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  • How to determine the audio lag length in ms?

    Hey guys, sometimes when I rip a BD to a BD-R, there will be a slight audio lag. It happened to me on Transformers 3, and Scream 4 recently. I used TS Muxer to try to cancel out the lag by adjusting the audio lag to -350 ms, and it got a lot closer to being no lag, but still not perfect. Is there any sort of way I can accurately gauge the audio lag without having to guess at it?

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    There should be no audio lag at all.

    If you are using any high speed codecs switch to regular software encoding and try again.


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      Well I know there "shouldn't" be any lag, but there is. Right now I use Software for all my decoding, and Software + CUDA for my encoding.... what you're saying is to use Software only for encoding as well?


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        I think marty is saying try it for the problem conversions. A/V Sync becomes noticeable at about 200 ms according to a Bell Labs study in the 1950s when network TV programs were first transported over paths where the video and audio went different routes.
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          Exactly. The only audio sync issues I was aware of was using CoreAVC, which is a known issue.

          Are you using an older PC or a more recent one?


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            Well currently I'm using a 4 year old laptop, with 2 GB of RAM, 2.2 ghz dual core processor, and a 256 MB Nvidia 8400 GS graphics card. My primary desktop is in storage right now. That has a 6 core AMD processor with 6 GB of RAM and a 1 GB graphics card. That one never has any audio lag that I can recall, but sometimes it completely omits the English soundtrack and substitutes it for Spanish. Imagine my surprise when I start watching a movie and it's all in Spanish!


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              I always create an ISO first so I can check the movie before I burn it to disk.

              Did you try a software only encode?


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                Yeah, I always do a software encode, but it seems to be random if I get audio lag or not. I think I'm just gonna go buy a BD-RE so that I can burn it to that first to check if there is any audio lag. If not, then I will burn it to a BD-R. If there is, then I guess I will be using TSmuxer to remedy my problem again lol.


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                  I thought you said earlier that you use Software + CUDA for encoding?