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Windows 10, your private stuff not so private

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  • From Moderator Windows 10, your private stuff not so private

    Some tips on keeping your private stuff private:

    How to post the internal log

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      The links Chetwood and 90312 provided are chilling. We should all remember that Microsoft is a member of AACS.
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        I wonder, though, even after disabling the privacy settings, just how safe people will be... http://arstechnica.com/information-t...-to-microsoft/

        I'm avoiding Windows 10 for lots of reasons, but the privacy issues and forced updates are the main 2 reasons.


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          Windows 10 is the safe and most stable operating system. Well, there is no any privacy issue in Windows 10; the privacy agreement doesn't mean Microsoft is secretly stealing the data from your hard disk

          However you can try the given option to turn off your location and tracking in Windows 10. Launch the Settings app > go to Privacy > Location > click Change and, on the screen that appears, move the slider from On to Off.

          Doing this will turns off all location tracking for every user on the PC. If you click the Change button, you can turn off location tracking for every user on the Windows 10 device.

          You can also disable the unnecessary services, programs to free up the memory space, RAM and make your Windows 10 system perform better.

          To know in details read this: http://www.pcerror-fix.com/windows-1...ble-for-gaming