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    Was thinking about puchasing amd rx580 was wondering if fab supports acceleration encoding for this graphic card.

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    If you are serious about using a GPU with DVDFab, I urge you to go with nvidia. This recommendation is based on >10 years reading DVDFab forums and many conversations with the Beijing staff, but is still my personal opinion, not an official company position. Remember that decode/encode functions were not a prime focus for AMD development, and the Fab developers tell me they are still slow to update drivers and their sdk.
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      My GTX1080 gave up the ghost not so long ago so I had to put my sons old RX480 into my PC. The GPU runs fine OC'd @ 1510 which is OC'd by a fair amount so you should be OK with the RX580.

      But I can't wait until I get my replacement RTX2080.

      I don't have anything against the AMD GPU's they do run well and if split open and have the thermal paste replaced for some decent stuff they run brilliantly. Like I said it's OC'd to 1510 and never goes above 50 degrees C. This is the first AMD I have ever used, but I do find it to be troublesome compared to Nvidia GPU's. Even when it was in standard form.