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    Thanks to all who continue to supply data for this thread.
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      Sorry folks, it's Sony BDP-S5000ES player.


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        BD+ Errors

        I have been using TDK exclusively for years and have almost no coasters. Amazon sells BD-R DL for about $2.40 apiece with free shipping.


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          I am revisiting this list over 6 years later and all of these burned movies play flawlessly still.

          However, what I'd like to mention is that I have discovered a couple different ones burned later that could not be recognized by a computer or a Blu-ray player. I deduced that these were ones where I attempted to burn them as close to the 25GB capacity as I could. It seems this has backfired on me and caused them to be unplayable with the passage of time.

          So the lesson with burning BD-Rs is... don't try to use the entire disc space on cheaper media; it may just land you with a coaster like me!

          Originally posted by SuperFist View Post
          In the interest of this thread and those who wish to purchase the most reliable media they can at the most affordable rate, I decided to go back and test the first discs I burned with the computer I built a few days after New Year's 2011. I will give you the model Blu-ray burner I copied them with along with the movie I backed up, the media ID of the discs I used, the brand name, speed, the speed I recorded them at as well as the date I actually made them. All of the following backed up movies currently play flawlessly in my PS3 with the latest 4.10 update.

          Blu-ray Burner: LG 10x BD-RE WH10LS30

          Backed Up Movie - Media ID - Brand - Speed Burned - Date Created

          Entourage Season 6 (All Discs) - RITEK-BR2-000 - RiDATA 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 1/8/11

          Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - RITEK-BR2-000 - RiDATA 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 1/13/11

          The Town - RITEK-BR2-000 - Optical Quantum 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 2/15/11

          The A-Team - RITEK-BR2-000 - Optical Quantum 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 3/19/11

          Hero - RITEK-BR2-000 - Optical Quantum 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 3/23/11

          Spider-Man - RITEK-BR2-000 - Optical Quantum 4x 25GB BD-R - 4x - 3/19/11

          As you can see, all of these discs were burned a year ago and they still play just as good as if I just burned them today and the data side still looks very deep and pronounced without any visible fading.
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            Since I purchased my Blu-ray burner last December (2016), I have exclusively used Verbatim BD-Rs. According to Verbatim's website, their LTH discs are marked accordingly, so it is safe to assume that unless the label states "LTH" the discs are HTL. Their label states they are MABL, which is metallic. Of the over 100 backups I have made, I have not had even 1 failure. They burn ok and play ok in my standalone BD player (Sony BDP-S6500). I always use Imgburn to burn. In my research of LTH (organic dye) I have come to the conclusion that these are not for long term use. The technology is not new ... some early CD and DVD discs used organic dye, and most of these can't be read after several years ( I actually had a few of these I had inadvertently purchased back in the day, which went bad), so I stay away from organic discs. My only problem with my setup is that I have burned a few Verbatim BD-R DL's which tend to stutter or freeze on layer 2 when played in my player. Rather than burning at the supported 8x in my burner (LG WS14NS50, Svc code 50), I burn at 2x, which seems to alleviate the problem most of the time ... but not always (though they play ok when played on my PC using Power DVD 12). Have yet to test these on another player to determine if it is the player or the disc., So not sure if it is the disc, the burner, or the player. But like I stated, the SL Verbatim BD-Rs have all burned and played without a hitch 100% of the time. (Btw, I burn these at 12x without a problem). My BD-R collection is too new to determine what the long term retention will be with these discs, but have not found anything in my research to indicate they will give me problems in the future. They are relatively inexpensive on Amazon ($20 for a 25 pack spindle), making them actually cheaper than Verbatim DVD DLs, so I would highly recommend Verbatim BD-Rs.