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When disk converts it creates 5 VTS files

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    I found out the hard way if you burn to an iso image the player, at least mine does, will see the individual .vob files rather than normal DVD structure.
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      Hi Guys

      I see I have stirred something up here and thanks for all the work and help. To answer Signals observation each folder titled VTS contain BUP and VOB files but no IFO files.

      I am reading all this with interest and yes Glens you have hit the nail on the head. I convert then burn the folder with IMG burn. I could also use Nero as I have that as well, but IMG allowed the discs to play on older machines.

      To be fair, I am now on a steep learning curve and hope I can keep up with you guys



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        I suggest not writing direct to an image file, it is difficult to check the contents and is just one more place things can go wrong. Try it again writing to a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive. You can burn it from there using ImgBurn in standalone mode.
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