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Desperate Housewives Season 3 D 2 Freezes at 43%

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  • Desperate Housewives Season 3 D 2 Freezes at 43%

    Hey all,

    I've tried to copy Desperate Housewives, Season 3, Disc 2, several times. I even cleaned the disc and the process still freezes at 43% of the Copy stage. The software doesn't freeze - just the process. Every once in a while the diagonal lines move as though it's copying but it doesn't go past 43.

    Am I doomed to go without this disc? Thanks!

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    look at the disc in a bright light at an angle and see if can spot any sort of
    defect or hairline cracks in the disc. also please post the dvdfab internal log files.


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      The disc I was referring to in this thread did copy but now I'm having the same trouble with Disc 1 of Season 4. I left it overnight - it had crawled from 40% to 51% by the time I went to bed, and now it's only at 52%.

      No cracks on the disc at all.

      How do I find the internal log?



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        the internal logs can be found here - http://forum.dvdfab.cn/showthread.php?t=15


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          Please follow the tips in my sig for providing log information.
          Supplying DVDFab Logs in the Forum ...........................User Manual PDF for DVDFab v11................................ Guide: Using Images in Posts
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            Thanks all - I left it going overnight and it finally copied. New problem - will start a new thread, though.