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    Been ages since I've posted here. Needing a little help if possible.

    Getting the video quality is unreachable error, along with the task_1 failed! error=401.

    I'd upload the log but I can't remember which file you need.

    I'm also using version I know it's old, but haven't been having any issues with it lately until now.


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    I'm sure the first recommendation would be to update to version 10.
    If you want to use a version 8 the one on the download page is a little newer than the version you are using.

    Other than that give the disc a good cleaning and maybe the drive as well.


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      This disc (some versions, possibly not all) has been tested and works with DVDFab x64 v10.0.6.7 Beta or later. I would suggest updating to the current Official version of DVDFab x64, which is available here: https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/softwa...vember-21-2017
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        10.8.4 appears to decrypt BR Hitman's Bodyguard fine to the PC. The DVDFab player will play it from the PC folder with no problem. However, if I burn from the folder created before, the BR will not play the movie. It skips all around and plays a couple of seconds each from various scenes. Have not seen that error before.


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          Hello Emoto,

          Please specify the version and country of the disc. Also, please post dvdfab_internal.log file and burn related log file.

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          For Mac: Finder>Documents>DVDFab Player 5>Log

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