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  • Kernel32.dll error

    First off using a 32bit vista system. Open Dvd Copy was notified an update was available, so I clicked update and downloaded same. Click installed and it said update was for a 64 bit system. Went to Website and downloaded the 32 bit one. Installed fine. Tried to open it and came up with the following error "The procedure entry point K32GetProcessMemoryInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" . I uninstalled then reinstalled same error. Tried the beta version same error, updated to the .02 version same error. Does this mean you are not supporting Vista anymore? And yes I do have the KERNEL32.dll in the system32 folder. Suggestions?

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    Hi iceman22,

    Do you have the same problem with DVDFab 10?

    We will see if we could reproduce the problem with DVDFab 11 in 32bit vista system and get back to you.
    Guide for adding attachments in a post

    User Manual for DVDFab v10 (pdf)

    DVDFab log default location:
    --For DVDFab 10: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab10\Log
    --For DVDFab 11: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab11\Log

    Finder> Documents> DVDFab10> Log

    DVDFab Player 5:
    For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 5\Log


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      Version 10.217 works fine. I just opened it, said there was an update available Version 11.002. I clicked to update within program and installed it. When it goes to open after the update another error showed up, this time it says "The procedure entry point GetNumaNodeProcessorMaskEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll". Don't know if this is getting better or worse. Thanks for working on a solution.


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        I've attached the latest 11.002 install file in case you need it
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