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Problems with generating subtitles?

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  • Problems with generating subtitles?

    Hi all,

    I'm ripping some DVD's to get ready for a new video player (Viewsonic VPD400), and I'm having trouble with generating subtitles.

    I'm ripping Dollhouse, disk 2. If I select all episodes, I don't get subtitles. I can open the queue and see that video, audio, and subtities are marked, but subtitles are not generated.

    If I select one episode, I can sometimes get subtitles. It seems to be related to how I select the episodes. If I select a single episode, select the subfield, and then edit the conversion selections (even if I don't change anything), I get subtitles.

    I'm converting to h.264 at 1294k, two pass, 800 x 484, MP3 audio at 256K.

    If you need more details, please ask.


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    With problems like this it is important to know which exact profile you are using. Are you trying to extract the subs to a file or render them directly into the video?
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      I'm using DVD Fab (11/11/09), and converting from DVD to generic.default, which is generic.avi.h264.mp3 modified to the following values:
      Output type: Video+Audio
      Encoding method: high quality encoding (2-pass)
      Fixed bitrate: 1294 kbps
      Split: No
      Frame rate 23.976
      Deinterlacing: no (not sure about this one -- should I turn it on?)
      Frame resolution: 800 x 448
      MP3 bitrate: 256kbps
      channel: Dolby Prologic-II (not sure about this either)
      volume: 100%
      subpicture: extract to idx/sub file

      Please let me know if there is anything else you need.