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    BD Ripper (3D Plus) Encoding problem in h265

    Hello, I downloaded the latest update from DVDFAB. I received a message from DVDFAB technical support asking me to uncheck GPU acceleration and update. What I did but without result To be clearer I sent you as an attachment images of my Rip blu Ray, as well as the parameters. 1 - The general parameters - A / V codecs which are identical for all the blu ray that I rip. 2 - The parameters of INTEL UHD Graphics 3 - NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card settings 4 - Stromae's Blu Ray 5 - Rammstein's Blu Ray You will see that on the Rammstein blu ray there is a difference in the encoding FPS and the line "CUDA GPU acceleration for video H265 encoding enabled" does not appear, result more than 3h to encode and that of Stromae 8 minutes. Why there is this difference, is it a software fault? Did other people experience the same problem? Thank you for the reply. cordially
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    Hello, I no longer understand anything in this software. I manage to rip 3 Blu Ray concerts. The duration varies from 15 to 30 '. I have the sentence that appears "CUDA H265 GPU acceleration for lightring-Shrink is activated". On the 4th Blu Ray, this sentence is no longer displayed, the encoding time increases to more than 3 hours. Can someone explain to me if he encounters the same problem? Thank you Good week


      If the codec for the 4th Source disc is VC-1, it will work differently. Please check that and also supply the DVDFab internal log session for these titles. You can attach it to a post of submit it using the Feedback button in DVDFab Settings, but be certain to note the Log ID number and post it here if you use the Feedback option.
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