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Mac: Video Converter doesn't support Hardware Acceleration?

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  • DVDFab v10.0.5.3 Mac: Video Converter doesn't support Hardware Acceleration?

    Hi, I can't seem to find a clear answer in the forum or in the net:
    I have switched from Windows to Mac recently. I purchased a second license of DVDFAB for Mac.
    I have the latest and greatest iMac with a nice ATI Radeon Pro 580 GPU (8 GB VRAM).
    Unfortunately, I cannot find out how to activate hardware acceleration for Video Converter.
    I am currently converting a huge number of videos to H265, and not having GPU support makes everything incredibly slow...
    Am I doing something wrong? Or does this feature not (yet) exist in DVDFAB MAC?
    Thank you for any help or clear answers!

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    It's not supported yet, but we will support H.265 hardware acceleration for MAC in the near future.
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      Hi Zorny,
      Please post in the Fab for Mac forum next time. I have moved your thread there.
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        Will it support a Nvidia card hardware acceleration in a Mac Pro if you buy one?