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  • earthshock problems

    I can't copy Earthshock (Doctor Who episode). I don't think it's the movie itself. I think there's something funny with my particular disc.

    dvdfab 10 and dvdfab 11 both read it as 15MB and copy an empty dvd.

    I copied it in the finder, to a folder on disc. Then I used dvdfab to copy from that source folder. that worked, it saw the entire disc.

    I can supply the disc if I will get it back.

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    This is most often caused by incorrect analysis of the original disc by DVDFab, which fails to find a main title because it is a TV episode disc. Please supply a purchase link for this title. Also, you might try turning off Cloud Decryption and PathPlayer temporarily in DVDFab Settings and attempt to read the original disc again.
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      Yeah I was wrong. dvdfab copy of the finder-copied dvd actually did not work. dvdfab did find all 7.6GB of the disc, but the resultant output has a corrupted menu and corrupted content.

      I was able to copy it by disabling PP.


      I had previously reported 2 other instances where I copied a disc unreadable to DVDFab in the finder, and then used that folder as the source for DVDFab. I went back and verified, those copies are correct.