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Open Folder & Open Disc icons missing

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  • Open Folder & Open Disc icons missing

    I'm trying to use v1.0.1.3 but I don't have the "Open Folder" or "Open Disc" icons available to select like I did in v1.0.0.3. Since I can't yet register or buy the software to officially access these features, I don't see any other workaround at this point since the software is telling me I'm still within my trial period.

    How do I get the software to let me access the Open Folder and Open Disc icons?

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    Put a Blu-ray in your optical drive, the Open Disc icon should then appear (same procedure to play a DVD from disc). The "Open File" box will play a DVD VIDEO_TS folder if you click it open.
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      Should work if you use a DVD disc also.

      If not the Mac version is totally different than the Windows version.


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        On my PC in Win 7, with the Open Folder and Open Disc have disappeared.


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          A new release is out. Please try it.
          Please delete the DVDFabPlayer and uninstall DVDFabMeidaPlayer before reinstalling.
          What's more, please delete FabStreamer.app in /Applications for MAC os.
          The default location of DVDFabPlayer folder:
          For Windows 7, C:\Users\User Name\Documents.
          For MAC, /Users/user/Documents.


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            Hi kfscoll,

            Please use "Open File" button, and browse to your folder, then click "OK" to play it.

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