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cost to update from original release?

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  • cost to update from original release?

    My dvdfab media player expired on 2013-07-09
    It was v1.... one of the first ones updates. I only updated one or twice sense it was released.

    It didn't really work for me sense I use MyMovies. But might be interested in trying it again.

    Don't you have to pay for all the updates that were released if you previously owned it. I thought I remembered reading that because it didn't have the lifetime updates for an option.

    So how much would it cost to get version 2 now? seems like it would cost alot for all those updates sense I bought it.

    Does it finally work with MyMovies?

    Sense TMT5 now has cinavia I need to turn somewhere else to playback my backups on the HTPC.

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    If I understand your question correctly, you only need the latest release it contains all improvements up through current. I don't know if it works with MyMovies or not.
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      You do not pay for the intervening updates, just buy the product again for whatever term works for you. Fab player 2 works well for me, I also have quit updating TMT5.
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