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    The Passkey version is said to have support for the removal of the country code of "certain" Blu-ray discs. What discs? And there seems to be no possibility to disable/enable this option.

    Would it be possible to add a general "Remove Blu-ray country code" option

    (The thread


    contents a file with country codes)

    or at least a general option "Force US Blu-ray country code" (since it is mainly US discs that have this protection)?

    Thank you and many greetings ,


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    What Passkey removes is the Region code. It does this for all discs unless you tell it not to do it, check it in Passkey Settings->Blu-ray. For some titles you may need to specify the code of the disc. See the capture below

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1-011 PASSKEY_REGION.png
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      The capture just shows the setting of the ordinary Blu-ray Region.

      However, the country code is, as its name says, country-specific: For example, the United States and Japan are both Region A, but a disc country-coded for the United States will not play in Japan or vice versa (for details, see the thread mentioned above).

      So I would like to repeat my questions and my suggestion of a "Remove country code" or at least a "Force US country code" option that can be enabled and disabled.


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        We hardcoded for some discs now, and will add settings in future versions.
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          mediafox You already have an extensive thread about this which I will close. Please list some discs that have this coding. The list in your other thread is corrupt and I can't open it.
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            Add the option "Remove Blu-ray Country Code" in Settings -> Blu-ray in the new test version (support all the country in the BDCC.txt), please try it and tell me the result, thanks!

            please attach all the files of the original disc except *.m2ts files if you still get the country code warning.


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