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    Is there a way to clear out the history of locations in the drop down "Save To" function in the main program window?

    The reason I ask is that I just did a drive reduction and re-configuration on my system. I went to rip some new movies that I bought and even though I selected the new drive letter and folder location the main program still wanted to write out the files to an old location. This isn't the first time I have seen this behavior, it has done this through all the versions I have used. It isn't a big deal but I have to select the destination and make sure that it actually goes to where I want it to. Whenever it doesn't go where I want it to it goes to a previous location.

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    It should always write to the format and location you select, can't say I have ever had it do what you are describing. If you manually select a drive and folder, it should use the same one next time by default.
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      Well it has...it acts like the locations are cached and that it is what it uses initially.

      For example, I had a 4 TB drive with the drive letter designation as 'M' with a folder called 'Output' that I ripped main movies into. I just bought an 8 TB drive and copied the entire content of the 4 TB drive onto the 8 TB drive(..which I gave the drive letter 'X' to) and removed the 4 TB drive.

      I put 3 movies in the queue and selected the same folder name('Output') but this time on drive 'X'. Clicked on 'Start', the first 2 movies in the queue failed with an error message that there wasn't enough space on drive 'M', I clicked on OK on both the dialog boxes. The third movie though went to where I selected it to go.

      I have 2 25" monitors on this system so on one monitor I have the DVDFab main program window running and on the other one I have Windows explorer open with the focus on the folder location that I designate to have the files put into.

      I have a question, when you use the 'Location Selection Tool' should you select the folder there or double click it and go into the folder...then click OK? Or does it make any difference? I have never had a problem with the file type, but the location seems to be 'sticky' until selected multiple times. Now that I have transitioned to the 8 TB drive and will always select the 'Output' folder as the destination for movie rips I probably not see the issue again until I select a new location.


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        try clicking common settings - general settings - temporary directory - click the folder to set your destination.
        see here - https://forum.dvdfab.cn/forum/dvdfab...ve-to-location


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          Isn't that the destination for the temporary files?

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            It is, that is not where they are stored. They can be manually deleted by deleting the file fab-config.xml, which is found on most systems at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\DVDFab10. DVDFab should not be running when you delete the file. When you restart DVDFab, it will ask you a few questions and create a new file. Check DVDFab Common Settings to update it to your normal options, some may have changed to the default values.If you have the YouTube to MP3 Converter, you will need to download it again from the Utilities tab in the DVDFab gui.
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