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    Can some one explain to me at which point a rip loses picture quality? I have been ripping all my dvd/blurays at a custom level with the slider at .5. On the UHD side I have it set to .25. So to get the best picture on dvd, bluray and UHD where do I actually lose picture quality using the slider? I want the best I can get in the smallest file size even if its not really "small". I have room, I am just reconsidering reripping everything again to save on some space.

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    All slider positions have the same number of pixels, what you loose is the bitrate that makes the images move smoothly. This is more noticeable on some discs than others (lots of fast motion or horizontal pans make it more so). And it is also subjective, what may annoy some users does not make a difference to others. I think the best advice is to try some from the same disc at different settings and also some different discs to see what suits you.
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      Ok. For clarification, The bluray rips are average of 20-50 gigs depending on the movie with the slider at .5. On the other hand the UHD movies at .5 are showing 75-100 gigs depending on the movie. Are those numbers correct as it seems they are larger than the movie file on the uhd disc? So in that case they are larger than on the disc, where do you suggest I place the slider? independently per movie based on the original file size?