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UHD Ripper - Does it just not work? At all?

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    Have you ever tried just doing a copy, eg to ISO either full disc or main movie only? Or with the pass through, were you doing pure UHD pass through, eg M2TS? I've personally only used M2TS passthrough or iso, and no speed issues on those. And my laptop is pretty low power (eg I can't even play a UHD on it without it struggling).


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      The GTX 980 does not support native H.265 encode/decode. I ran into the same problem where my movies would seem to stop ripping 11% or 12%. If you open Task Manager and click on the Performance tab you will notice your CPU pegged at 100% while your GPU is probably idle, which means all the encode/decode is being done via software/CPU. I switched to an RTX 2060 and now when I rip a movie my CPU is ~20% and my GPU is ~60% plus my rip time goes from ~5hrs to ~40mins.

      You can find the info about NVIDIA Graphic cards here:


      Happy ripping


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        Scotty's post (above) is correct, The 980 is not suitable for h265. If you want UHD 4k discs to process as fast as BDs, you will need to upgrade graphics hardware and may want to consider a higher-horsepower platform in general if you do a large quantity. Below are the MINIMUM requirements for UHD Ripper on the DVDFab website:
        • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (64-bit)
        • 4GB of RAM and above
        • 200GB of free hard disk space
        • A 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive
        • For the 4K HW Acceleration to work, you need:
        • Either the CPUs from Intel Kaby Lake series and above;
          Or, the video cards from NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 series and above
        • Live Internet connection required to register DVDFab (little network traffic used)

        For equivalent to BD-rip performance, I would recommend
        • Intel 8th gen CPU i7 or better
        • nvidia GTX 1080 or better
        • 8GB RAM or better

        Note that these upgrades will be good for everything you do on your PC.

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